Thursday, 25 June 2015


I confess to a fear of cows and their large bony bottoms. On a walk along the banks of the Wye yesterday, I passed by this lovely little church and on through a field I normally avoid since there is usually a herd eyeing me with dislike. I was perturbed by the extra large pats I saw but only realised their cause on the way back when the cows, which had been clearly hiding in bushes and waiting for me, reappeared and, once again, put their bony bottoms to the use intended for them by Nature. Feebly I accosted a passing ornithologist who clapped his hands and shooed them away, leaving me to realise why parents used to scare their children by warning them that Boney would come and get them.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Activity tracker

I have just bought one of those wristbands that counts steps and tells me how well I've slept. To avoid advertising, I will call it my Fatnot. I sat down to celebrate with a glass before dinner, raising my toast to the Fatnot gadget with the same hand. I am delighted to report that it recorded 30 steps and is therefore clearly ProProsecco!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Saving money

When shopping, it is quite easy to save money - but only if you have more than you need immediately. Bulk buying of loo paper on special offer is possible when you have extra in your purse and those 3 for price of 2 can be a bargain provided there is surplus cash. In my Lancashire youth we had a saying: "Muck flies t'th'midden" meaning that money went where there was already plenty - all too true even now.