Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Not horses but the things for charging appliances. I am no techie but I do have a laptop, a smart phone, a Kindle and a Nintendo (for Solitaire) - maybe I am a bit techie after all! I keep their chargers, all different and none interchangeable, in separate plastic bags within a canvas carrier with compartments. In the night, they are overtaken by feeding or breeding frenzy and climb out to intermingle their wires with knots that would baffle the most advanced Boy Scout. Back in they go to defeat me with their double thingumabobs when I have vital blogging work to do. So far - and I am crossing all fingers - they have not succeeded in reproducing but I just know that, one morning, I am going to find hundreds more of them, all inextricably entwined and silently laughing at me.

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