Tuesday, 3 July 2012


... that I should like to have genetically modified.

1)   The way you snore directly in my ear;
2)   and when I call, "Food's ready!" disappear
      just long enough for souffles to collapse;
3)   your tendency to mumble, "Mmm ... perhaps
      or, on the other hand, mmm ... maybe not,"
4)   that funny little wart-like, dark red spot
      on your bald patch; 5) your pigeon-toed left foot;
6)   and, while they're at it, get your chin to jut
      a half inch forward, level with your lips;
7)   expand your chest commensurate with your hips;
8)   I hope they can retune your nasal voice;
9)   my mother always felt, if she'd the choice,
      she'd modify the somewhat piggy size
10 a & b)
      and shape and coloration of your eyes;
      in fact she said (I didn't like her tone)
      there wasn't much that she would leave alone
      but since I love you, darling, as you are,
      (almost) I wouldn't venture quite that far
      so, one last thing, I'll number it (10c)
      you are a bit TOO  critical of me.


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