Sunday, 30 June 2013

Good Neighbours

A couple of days ago a new neighbour moved in next door. I asked her in for a cuppa: she accepted with alacrity, seized her little dog and jacket but not, unfortunately, one of her five sets of keys. The Yale lock clicked shut behind her. I phoned our friendly local builder and invited him to do a burglary, a request which he also accepted with alacrity. Five minutes later he was up his ladder, breaking a window and, with an ingenious lever, forced open the old sash window. This noise attracted a small but enthusiastic crowd who offered helpful advice. When it came to the actual entry, we voted for the thinnest amongst us and all was well within minutes. The irony is that, if I hadn't invited her in, she would have been perfectly OK as she had thoughtfully brought with her a kettle and other necessities.  One can be too much of a good neighbour perhaps. Yet it was one way of meeting everybody!

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