Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The truth about dogs

My lovely lurcher, Tess, lived before the age of easy digital photos and so this one of her puzzled by a wind-up mouse, is rather clunky.  She had an individual personality (if you can say that about an animal) and was friendly, curious, middle-range intelligent - and did not always do as she was told. I therefore enrolled her at Dog Obedience Class for Beginners where she behaved in exemplary fashion and was swiftly promoted to Intermediate. (I regret to report that she was so over-excited when her name was read out that she created a puddle on the polished floor.) Yet I soon noticed that she was even worse than before when outside the group, wantonly refusing my calls and eating forbidden chocolate biscuits from the table.
Conclusion? Dogs have only a certain amount of obedience inside them and so, if they use it all up in class, there is none left for the rest of the week.

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