Monday, 4 April 2016

The Archers

I am an addict, timing my evening meal to listen and reliving it all in the Omnibus on Sunday morning. Like everyone else I have followed the Helen and Rob storyline with mounting interest and unease whilst being aware of the help it is giving to women who are abused psychologically and physically as well as victims of the new law of coercive control. The acting by both is first class and the scripting mostly excellent partly because the theme has been thoroughly researched. It was an error to introduce Ursula and the element of Gothic horror that came with her but the rest has been chillingly realistic, accurate and painful, particularly when Henry has been involved. The violent scene on April 3rd was gripping. I have asked two questions on Twitter: are Kirsty and Jess the only characters in this plot who are not totally self-centred? - and a wider one which lifts the programme into a different genre. Is it true to say that The Archers previously dealt with right and wrong but that it has now encompassed good and evil? Whoever stole that money from the church did wrong but Rob is truly evil.

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