Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Ten years ago I was dress size 14 (U.K.) and rising steadily. I reduced to a size 8 and have stayed there. I decided on a daily sensible intake of food and drink (10 units a week of alcohol) which I could sustain indefinitely, I exercised more and I did not worry about how long it would take or how much I would lose. Little treats were and are still part of my regime. It took 18 months to arrive but there has been no problem maintaining this weight.

Here are 2 do not's and 2 do's.
1) Do not think about food and drink more than is absolutely necessary.
2) Do not set a target date or weight.
3) Do eat a little less and drink less alcohol than you were consuming.
4) Do take a bit more exercise each day until you reach a workable amount.

Remember: a chocolate bar gives enjoyment for a few seconds; being slimmer will give pleasure for life.
Good luck!!!

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