Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Organisation versus procrastination: the everyday problem. Here's a sonnet I wrote about it, though I am an inveterate list-maker (I have a list of lists most Mondays!)

An army of small chores waits by your bed:
if you get up, they'll snipe at you, attack
your weak outposts, excuses. Turn your back,
lie doggo, plan your strategy, feign dead.
Prioritise, put the least urgent first;
procrastinate: do nothing for today;
run up some ship-shape lists, stow them away ...
now take a recce - have the troops dispersed?
Your life will float above the Plimsoll line
without those paper waves, red-crested bills,
appointments, emails, car tax, dentists' drills
waiting to probe your rotten depths - and mine.
     Whar shall we do with all these brave new hours
     before weeds bayonet the lotus flowers?


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