Sunday, 26 February 2017

Coffee pods - not beans!

I have recently treated myself to one of those dapper machines that turns you overnight into a barista and fills the house with the aromas of freshly made beverages.
It works  - even though I heat the cup up first on account of my asbestos-lined mouth. I savour my lovely lattes and hot chocolates and have even ordered a sprinkler to add that extra finesse.
BUT my problem is with the pods. Some drinks need 2 pods so that your purchase delivers only half the number of treats envisaged. Second criticism is that they drip after removal and, unless you have an efficient system, your rubbish bin will have a soggy bottom.
Worst of all is that they are not biodegradable. If you have 3 drinks a day that could be 6 pods going into landfill adding up to 35 per week and ... I leave the higher mathematics to you. I think this is disgraceful and that the manufacturers must tackle this issue immediately

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