Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Exercise videos

    As you see, I own a remarkable number of Yoga and Pilates DVD's. Why? It is not that I avoid doing the exercises and buy the discs to assuage my guilt. No! I do Pilates every morning for 10 minutes - now that I have found the right one: Pilates for beginners: 10 minute solutions.
   I do not like advertising on my blogs but I wasted so much money on false starts that I feel obliged to do so. Some DVD's are difficult to navigate from the menu, some are unbelievably irritating or slow, some demand that you need lots of space and so on.
    Now I am trying to learn Tai Chi - same dreary and expensive experimentation with discs. One made it impossible to choose chapters and go to them, one was beautiful to see and gave clear instructions but involved me turning my back and watching over my shoulder. I also like mirror image - otherwise I end up in knots! 
   From what I have done, I find the movements soothing and helpful for balance but - where oh where is that perfect DVD? It is not on my shelf yet!

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